Thursday, January 10, 2013

We're going to China!!!

Excitement filled the air of the Meledeo home on this lovely San Antonio day in January. What could possibly account for such joy and anticipation? WE'RE GOING TO CHINA!!!

Many thoughts fill my head on this last day in our home as a family of three. How will I get it all accomplished before leaving (I have to leave a clean house!)? Did we forgot anything? How is Anthony feeling right now? How can we pray for him? How will Grace adjust? How will we all adjust? God, please keep us safe and healthy. How will Anthony find his new home? The list goes on and on.


To answer some of my questions surrounding Grace, God gave us this precious conversation last night at bed.

Grace: "You will be Anthony's mommy too?
Me: Yes, I will always be your mommy, and now we will be Anthony's mommy and daddy too.
Grace (flashing a big smile of understanding): We are going to get him in China, and he will live here and you will be his mommy.

Precious girl! She has been dancing around the house proclaiming, "we're going to China" in song!


There have been many things on my mind about Anthony. One in particular lately, imagine the culture shock when he arrives here. The city itself is so different and the smells, a new home, new room, new family and friends. . . . Please be praying for him!


I am so thankful that is our God is so much greater than anything we encounter here on earth. He sees the whole picture and is walking with us every step of the way! Praise God for his amazing faithfulness!


  1. Yay! So excited for you family. I will definitely be praying!

  2. We'll be praying! Oh, and Anthony's room looks great!

  3. Oh, Suzanne! I love his sweet room! :)

  4. Praying for you guys. I love his room. He is going to be so excited when he sees it and I love when God uses our children to bless us through this conversation!




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