Monday, January 28, 2013

Transition to normal?

Like Father, like Son 
There have been good moments and not so good moments, sweet moments and pouty moments, precious hugs and grumpy grumps, all in the context of life with a three year old and an eight old. :)

It is immensely wonderful to be home, and we are working on figuring out a routine, discipline, love, and school.

Our first day home was rather hectic because Adam and Grace weren't feeling great, so we all piled into the car and headed to two different doctors. I honestly felt a little stressed that day by everything and by the language barrier and my desire to convey certain things, but God is faithful and was with me through my jet-lagged crazy day which ended with the blessings of signing Anthony up for soccer and dinner from a precious friend.

Our second day was great. We just hung out and tried our best to communicate and be a family.

We feel day three had some breakthroughs. We had several pouting sessions when children didn't get their way so discipline was effectively implemented in a gentle loving way (only by the grace of God) and was successful.

What does tomorrow hold? Our first attempt at school! Our precious boy really needs to get into a schedule so here we go. I have spent the last couple of hours putting together English flashcards, math drill worksheets and household guidelines (in English and Chinese). Am I nervous? Of course! But I am trusting God and His direction as He put homeschooling on our hearts.

Blessings to all and I am out!

Here are a few fun picks from our first days!

Impromptu Race at the Park 

Family Fun at the Park

Family Exercise!
First trip to Freebirds . . . he isn't a convert yet, but we will work on it! :)

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