Thursday, January 17, 2013

Our last day in Shanghai and a visit to an orphanage . . .

Many times have I imagined what the orphanages in China are like, but of course, my imaginations, as varied as they are, are merely based on things I have seen and read in books or on the internet. Nothing compares to the actual experience. The smells, the rows of tiny beds, and the children will be forever imprinted in my mind.

I walked through the halls of the Shanghai Children's Home with trepidation unsure of what we would find. We began with a visit to the rooms where Anthony had stayed during his brief two week stay while he was waiting for us. I found it simple yet clean and empty because the children his age were in a classroom. We took some pictures and assured him he would never stay there again.


Anthony's bed

Grace wanted to be in the picture too!


Quick Family Picture

One of his nannies for the two weeks he was there.

Next we went the room where our friend's, the Maron's, precious little boy, Jack, stayed. The children stared at us wide eyed as we entered. Some excited, some just curious and some a little scared. We spent precious time with them as they opened up, craving love and attention. What sweet sweet children they all are and their nannies love them very much and care for them with gentle, quiet spirits, breathing fun and love into their young lives as they wait to be adopted. The good news is most of the children we saw have families coming for them soon (because if not, Adam and I would have just brought them all home with us :) ).

For those of you reading this who have children waiting, I have more pictures and some amazing videos of them dancing and playing. Please let me know if you see your child and we will get you the pictures and videos!

I am so thankful that God allowed us to have this experience which only made my calling to advocate for these precious children waiting for their forever homes more clear. Please lift them up in prayer with me.

 Some of our final adventures in Shanghai included a little fun at the indoor pool (Anthony has never been swimming). He was a little tentative but warmed up quickly. We also had our first"pouting moment" with two children who both became very upset at the idea of going outside into the 35 degree weather for lunch (the hotel restaurant is crazy expensive). Ok, so I was a little grumpy at being outside as well. :) Anthony got to play with his friend who was also adopted this afternoon during Grace's nap and they had a grand time laughing and playing! He also epressed to us that we wash our hands too frequently! LOL, he will have to get used to having a mama who is a germaphobe!

Tomorrow we are off to Guangzhou for Anthony's TB test and our visit the American Consulate. Please pray for our safety traveling, for Anthony as tomorrow will be his first time traveling, for Anthony and us as we continue to work on communication and his understanding of our ways and culture and that everyone would stay healthy.

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