Tuesday, January 22, 2013

On the road to citizenship!

Ready for the U.S. Consulate!
 Today was an important day in the adoption journey. . . U.S. Consulate day! Our appointment was at 10 so we had breakfast and headed over there. It is in a relatively nondescript building on the fifth floor. We are not allowed to have cameras so I don't have any pictures from inside but I can give you a quick run down of how things happen. Upon reaching the fourth floor, we were expedited past the long line of Chinese waiting and hustled up another escalator to the fifth floor with the other families who have the same appointment time. We waited in a waiting area with all the other families until 10 AM. It was quite the chaotic scene with about ten families and tons of kids (there were extra children besides the adopted ones with almost every family) until one of the employees got our attention over the mic and laid out procedures and did a quick little right hand raising for us to swear that we had filled out the paperwork to the best of our ability and knowledge. Then each family is called up one at time to hand in paperwork. Our guide, Jack, will go tomorrow afternoon to pick up our immigration packet which is simply a brown envelop that we are not to open that will be handed over to the immigration officer upon entry.  And there you have it!

On our way to the Consulate!

Exterior shot of the Consulate in Guangzhou

After the Consulate we went and played in a park we took Grace to last time and had lunch at a restaurant on the lake. Now it is nap time for Grace! :) Only one full day left in China!!! I can't believe it!!

Readying the park for Chinese New Year!

Almost a U.S. Citizen . . . once we cross immigration, he will be one!

Grace enjoying her fresh squeezed apple juice!

Family Photo with Grace pretending to be asleep!


  1. I love your stories and pictures. So awesome to follow along on your journey. :)

  2. So awesome! Can't wait for Thursday!




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