Monday, January 21, 2013

Just a quick update from China . . . Tomorrow is U.S. Consulate Day!

I just wanted to send a couple of pictures your way. Last night we had a lovely outing with some adoptive families to Pizza Hut. Our boy ordered a drink that I thought was a soda but it turned out to be a coke float! What boy doesn't love ice cream before dinner?!! Wondering what I ate at Pizza Hut? Well, my friends, Pizza Hut in China has a wide array of options for those who are either not pizza lovers or have food allergies like me. :) They have steak and chicken dishes as well as my choice for the evening, pork and chicken fried rice!

Pizza Hut!

Yes, we ate at McDonald's again today after the triumphant win of the Ravens!!!! Superbowl bound, baby!!! We even had these coupons for McDonald's, but the funny thing is the lady didn't understand that we wanted to use the coupon for one of the items we had already ordered so we ended up getting an extra meal unknowingly. LOL. I now have a room filled with fries.

After Grace's nap, we are going to Shamian Island for some shopping and dinner at the Lucy's, famous for serving adoptive families while in China. We ate there last time with Grace so we will head there again!

Anthony has been super sweet today, concerned when he can't find one of us, and very sweet with Grace, offering to share toys and the iPad or Kindle Fire. He has such a precious heart.

Tomorrow is a very important day. We have our U.S. Consulate appointment at 10 am! We are on our way to the journey home!


  1. I love reading all your updates...and I'm praying the rest of your trip goes smoothly for you and your sweet family!
    So glad that Pizza Hut offered some food options for would be nice if they did that here too.

  2. You should go to Oggies pizzeria. It was really good . didnt care for Lucys or Tekilas.




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