Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Imagine Living Life in a Foreign Culture

Imagine being constantly inundated by sounds and smells foreign to all you have ever known. Imagine sitting in a room filled with people constantly speaking words you can't understand, asking you to do things you don't understand, eating things that taste bad to you and living in a general state of confusion. Sound fun? This is the life of a newly adopted older child.

Today as I was listening to Anthony talk on the phone in Chinese to an instructor from his Chinese language school, assessing his mandarin, I was struck again at how it must feel to be surrounded by a language you don't understand. How comforting it is to just let your brain rest for a moment in your native language.

Anthony hasn't complained really about much we have thrown at him, with the exception of cheese. He doesn't like cheese! Well, at least we know! It warmed my heart to learn that his favorite foods are the eggs and toast I make him for breakfast. He also seems to LOVE ketchup. He slathered a tablespoon on his hamburger tonight! Also, for anyone wondering, his favorite color is blue! I picked out blue for his room, thank you God for the little things!

Picture this scene: your newly adopted child takes one of the crossed off your wall and starts swinging it like a sword. What do you say and do in this instance (via Google translate)? “Stop son! That isn't a sword, it’s a cross” “What’s a cross?” “Uh, well, it’s not a sword” (We decided that now might not be the best time to explain that Jesus was killed for us on a cross).

So in light of the fact that he not been exposed to Christianity (this is why God has called us to adoption! To share His love and sacrifice with those who have not heard!), I am very excited to tell you that we have discovered a local Chinese church that has AWANA on Fridays! How wonderful it will be to introduce him to Christ in His language with bilingual children and teachers! Praise God for all He is providing for us!

Wondering how school is going? I am so proud of him! He has now learned and successfully mastered triple digit addition. He definitely  has been taught some phonics because he can read to me from the BOB books and sound out words! So I am now going through Explode the Code Workbooks with him.

Pictures for your viewing pleasure!

Working on a Alphabet game!

Fun with Uncle Taylor!

Soooo . . . he cut his own hair because he said it was too long  . . . thanks, Great Clips, for helping out!

First day of Gymnastics . . . so excited!!

Uncle Taylor is fun! He bought us swords and shields! :)

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