Tuesday, January 15, 2013

He is Offically Ours!

Adoption finalization ceremony

Today was another extremely significant once in a lifetime kind of day. Today, according to the Chinese government, Anthony Jianyou Meledeo officially became our child with all the rights of a biological child! There are waves of joy, excitement, relief and thankfulness passing over me as I write this! What an amazing process and experience. I remember the same feelings with Grace, and it was also nice to have an idea of what was happening as well.

The Adoption Process

Shanghai Civil Affairs Office

The day started with a long van ride to the Civil Affairs Office, where we had a family picture taken first. Next, we signed some papers, they processed them for us, and then, in a small little ceremony, presented us with the official adoption document!

Family Photo for Adoption Document (Grace took these pictures!)

Waiting for the document finalization

Fun with a friend who was also being adopted!

The Ceremony

Next we were off on a 40 minute van ride to the Public Notary which was in a beautiful government building. Our official document was notarized and we received a copy of Anthony's finding ad with a few other memorable items, and we were finished for the day! 

Public Notary Building

Entering the Notary
After our morning of paperwork excitement, we went on a little excursion for lunch to the famous Nanjing Road which is akin to 5th Avenue in New York. Beautiful designer stores in one section and then Gap, American Eagle, H&M and such in another section. It kinda feels like home which is nice. We ate at McDonalds in the high end section. There we were eating our Big Macs and fries next to the Mont Blanc and Gucci stores. :)

Nanjing Road

Good Times at McDonalds

So in a bit we will head out again to Nanjing area again to explore and get dinner. Last night we ate a delicious Thai restaurant. Tonight we had a delightful outing and ate Korean style BBQ with Chef Adam creating a delicious meal. :)

Headed out for dinner!

Korean Style BBQ!
There's always room for ice cream!
Many have asked how Anthony and Grace are doing. Well, they are both doing great and are settling in amazingly well as brother and sister. Grace was definitely meant to be a little sister and Anthony her big brother. He is doing great, but I know he gets a little frustrated that we can't understand him which breaks our hearts because we so want to be able to talk to him. All we want to do is hug him and tell him how much we love him and are thankful to God for bringing us our precious child, but we don't want to freak him out! LOL

Brother and Sister!

Thanks again for all the support and prayers! It means so much to us to know that our loved ones are thinking of us and praying! God has blessed our family in ways far beyond our imagination and we are excited to continue to see Him work in our family and Anthony’s life!


  1. Thank you SO SO SO much for sharing all of this!!! Your kids look SO SO SO happy! LOVE the video...it made me cry!

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!!! And, I just learned that Google translator is a Godsend to help communicate with your little guy:)

  3. What a great day! SO HAPPY for you all! And how cute is that video! :)

  4. Awww! He has the sweetest face. Congratulations! :)




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