Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Going to get Anthony! China Itinerary January 2013

It is with great anticipation and excitement that write this post tonight! We have been so busy dashing about gathering this item and that, cleaning, packing, paying bills, etc. that I haven't taken a moment to process that WE ARE LEAVING IN TWO DAYS!!!! :) I can't believe it!! I just hope I can sleep!

Wondering what a trip to China for an adoption looks like? Well, wait no more; here is our general itinerary to give you can idea!

Friday, January 11

·         Depart San Antonio for San Francisco Bright and Early

Saturday, January 12

·         Arrive at the Pudong International Airport in Shanghai Saturday evening. Upon our arrival, Ming Ming, an English-speaking guide from a local travel agency, will meet us and take us to the HoJo which ain't too shabby. This not your run of the mill HoJo. Not at all like those we remember from the days of summer vacations in the late 80’s. :)  Just wait until we post some pics!

            Sunday, January 13

·         Free day with currency exchange and adoption paperwork preparation

Monday, January 14 – Friday, January 18

(Adoption Process with some fun bonding time – on Wednesday we will visit Yu Garden & Pu Dong Pearl Tower and we will definitely find some time for shopping in one of the world’s largest cities! Shanghai has 17.8 million people living in the city proper!!!! Can you imagine what we are about to experience? Crazy!)
      The adoption process will be completed in Shanghai with our local guide assisting us as we visit various governmental offices to finalize the adoption.

·         The process to finalize your adoption in China consists of the following four procedures with local governmental agencies.
1)      Sign an adoption agreement with the Shanghai Child Home
2)      Register the adoption with the Shanghai Bureau of Civil Affairs. 
3)      Notarize the adoption documents at the Shanghai Notary Public.
4)      Apply for passports for the child at the Shanghai Public Security Bureau.  

Friday, January 18

·         Once we get our documents, we are off to Guangzhou where we will be greeted by Jack, the same facilitator we had when we got Grace! Jack was amazing and we are excited to see him again!

·         We are staying the same hotel as last time which is the Garden Hotel. It is extremely nice and will feel almost like home since we stayed there previously!
·         There are three things to be accomplished in Guangzhou:
1)      Photo taken of Anthony in a photo studio.
2)      Medical exam at a clinic designated by the US Consulate.
3)      Visa application at the US Consulate General in Guangzhou.  

Saturday, January 19

·         Anthony will have his photo taken, get his medical exam and be tested for TB which is a requirement by the U.S. prior to entry for children over the age of 3.

Sunday, January 20

·         Sightseeing – Pearl Market and ? (hopefully some shopping!)

Monday, January 21 

Our guide will escort us back to medical clinic for his TB results and then we are off to visit the Zoo.

Tuesday, January 22

·         Visa appointment with the U.S. Consulate General in Guangzhou 
Wednesday, January 23

·         Anthony’s Visa package will be available for pick up!
Thursday, January 24

·         We depart Guangzhou for the Hong Kong airport via private van, once again, bright and early!
·         We depart Hong Kong for San Francisco and Anthony becomes a U.S. Citizen!!!
·         We arrive home Thursday evening after a short 23 hours! J

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