Sunday, January 20, 2013

Glimmers of life with an 8 year old boy . . .

Today we had our first deep insight into Anthony's personality and mind. As we were about to head down to breakfast, he wanted to bring his lego toy with him (he designed it himself - you will see a picture below). Adam explained very nicely but firmly that we would leave the toy and get it after breakfast. He proceeded to pout about this through all of breakfast and wouldn't eat anything. Then, he claimed he didn't want to go to the zoo and was still pouty for a good 30 minutes at the zoo. We told him we loved him even through the discipline, and our guide, Jack, talked to him too in Chinese, and then he was fine and took about 100 pictures of animals with my iPhone. :) Jack told us he said father was wrong about bringing toys to breakfast. 8 year old boys, here we come. :)

This makes me stop and think about us and our relationship with God. How often do I pout and fuss at God about the decisions He makes for me. I just kept thinking about how I felt and reacted or wanted to react to the way Anthony was acting and how God handles me with such amazing grace, love, stability and firmness.  Praise God for His unchanging love and character!

Anyway, here are some pictures from our visit to Jusco (a grocery story/department store) yesterday, our dinner adventure last night and the zoo today. We were a party of 17 last night at dinner at a Thai restaurant with some lovely families we have met through Facebook and connected with over here, and we have a fun time at the zoo today as well!

I think almost all these pictures were taken by our little budding photographer, Anthony! :)

Anthony's lego creations!
Lazy afternoon . . .

Jusco - like rum in your coke, why not sell them together as well as Kleenex with your OJ. LOL

This is just the ladies and kids at dinner!

Fun times at the Banana Leaf - yes, Adam is teaching Grace the Vulcan sign.

The Zoo!


  1. Yeah, 8 year old boys. I've had three of 'em. LOL Thanks for the illustration about how we are with God's decisions for our lives. I feel that way a lot lately! Cool pics. I've been following Jean's blog for awhile, too. :)

  2. Hahaha, we had the same experience with our (then) new 12 year old girl :)

    So fun to see pics of you and Jean and Vickie together!! When blogs collide... :)




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