Saturday, January 12, 2013

From Shanghai with Love

Greetings from Shanghai! We made it safely to our lovely hotel. Our trip went very well and Grace was amazing. Imagine a three year old having to sit still for 12 hours on one flight!  Imagine a 35 year old trying to sit still for 12 hours! :)

Unfortunately, our VPN's are currently not working so I cannot get onto Facebook to share photos and updates at the moment. You will have to rely on my blog for exciting and up to date information!:)

Suzanne and Grace at the San Antonio Airport
Here are a few memorable moments from our 24 hour journey from San Antonio to Shanghai.

As we were getting on the plane, I made the mistake of letting Grace lead. Grace first tried to sit in first class (I wish!), and then as we proceeded in to coach, she kept trying to pick out our seats! LOL

As the plane took off in San Antonio headed for San Francisco, Grace started singing a song Kai Lan (Nick Jr.) sings, "We going to China, we going to China and we feel so happy! We going to China!" Super cute after a couple of rounds, a little less cute after ten rounds. :)

Upon discovering there were two rows of seats with two seats each on the plane between San Antonio and San Fran, Grace proclaimed, "Mommy, you can sit by me and Daddy and Anthony can sit over there." She got concerned on the big plane from San Fran to Shanghai because there were only three seats together. "Where is Anthony going to sit?' SO SWEET!!!

And one final fun random conversation that takes you into the mind of a three year old. "I want to see Anthony. You going to be his mommy and daddy, his daddy and you are my mommy and daddy. Elmo have a mommy and daddy too!'

Sweet Father Daughter Moment

Tomorrow we will do a little sight seeing and prepare for Gotcha Day, Monday, January 14!

Blessings to all and thanks so much for your prayers for safe travels and for your continued prayers as we take this step of faith and meet our eight year old son!

Cool Shot of Alaska from the plane


  1. YAY for great travel and saftey!!! Love having you update!!! Can't wait to see pics of the 14th! Prayers are coming!!!

  2. Yeah, can't wait till tomorrow for you!

  3. I LOVE that you can post to your blog! So glad your trip went well. :)

  4. Sounds like all in all a GREAT trip!

    1. Yeah - that's from me - Kristin :) (and Torrey, Shaun and Audrey, LOL)




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