Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Long Journey to Become Our Newest U.S. Citizen!

Our newest U.S. Citizen!

WE ARE HOME!!! I can't believe we are already home. It seems like just yesterday we were heading to China and now we are back again!

The trip was fairly uneventful aside from the fact that we had the following schedule. We got up at 5 AM on Thursday morning in China, took a three hour van ride to the Hong Kong airport, waited for about 2 hours and flew to San Francisco (a 12 hour plane ride), arrived in San Francisco and had a 6 hour layover, then flew home to San Antonio (3 hour plane ride)! Sounds simple, right?! The children did amazingly well considering the length of time. We all got a little grumpy at different points, but let's be honest, WHO WOULDN'T after 26 hours of travel! :)

Our passage through immigration was very easy, the immigration officer even remarked on how they seemed like brother and sister already! :) For of those you about to travel on your journey to bring home your precious new additions, it really is easy going through immigration. You go through the new immigrant line and hand them all your passports with your child's UNOPENED U.S. Consulate Brown Package.

We are so thankful to God for His hand upon our trip, His guidance and provision through every step of this adoption and for our amazing friends and family who supported us throughout this long journey to bring our boy home.

Now I let the pictures tell you the story of our journey home.

Our last day in Guangzhou!

Van Ride to Hong Kong Airport - Poor Anthony got car sick from playing on the Kindle Fire during the bumpy ride. I must say taking the van from GZ to HK really is not bad. The driver handles everything at the border between China and HK making for a smooth ride right to the doors of the airport. 

Views along the van ride.

Airport fun! :)

Last leg of our journey home from San Francisco to San Antonio.

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