Sunday, January 13, 2013

A day in Shanghai and a little surprise.

Yu Garden, Shanghai

As I think back to my days in high school and college, and all the grand ideas and plans we all made, never in my wildest or grandiose fantasies of life did it cross my mind that I would one day be curled up on a rainy afternoon in Shanghai writing on my blog, preparing to pick up our second child in China. God put China on my heart long ago, but it didn't really resonate or become part of my dream until God did a little work on me. :)

Well, here I sit as Adam and Grace are napping. Yes, I am exhausted too, but too excited to sleep! We get our boy TOMORROW!!!!!! How can I possibly sleep? Prayers for sleep tonight would be much appreciated!

Ok, now for the surprise or blessing from God as I see it! We got an update on Anthony! Some friends who are here with us adopting as well, went to do some work at the Shanghai Children's Home (SCH). He has been back at the SCH for about two weeks now. His foster parents were allowed to come visit him while he is waiting for us. They had a sweet conversation with our friends about how much they love him, helped to prepare him for his new family and hope to keep in touch. What a sweet couple! We give thanks to God for placing him in a loving home until it was time for him become part of our family! My friends said he has been prepared well to join our family and that he is excited. What a precious gift from God to hear this! We can't wait to get you tomorrow, Anthony Jianyou!

Anthony Jianyou with his foster parents

So what have we been up to today on our first day in Shanghai? We had the exciting chore of exchanging money, so we can pay all the orphanage fees and such tomorrow. Then, we went on a little outing to the Yu Garden and surround marketng. Our lovely guide, Ming Ming, told us all kinds of really interesting facts about Yu Garden, but for the sake of my memory, check out the Wikipedia entry. :)

The Yuyuan Tourist Market surrounding has lots of little stores to look around in and is truthfully a little overwhelming. We ate a dim sum restaurant which was interesting since we really had no idea what we were picking out to eat. My dietary restrictions make it difficult for me to eat over here, so please pray I can find things to eat that won't set off my autoimmune issues.

Grace, of course, draws lots of attention with her vivacious personality, and of course, people always wonder as well about the little girl with the Caucasian parents. :) Also, apparently, Adam and I as Americans have a target on our backs that read, "Hey! We want to buy cheap knock off watches!"  I can't tell you how many people came up to us trying to get us to buy watches or cheap fake purses. They are persistent too! LOL

Ok, here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Exploring the Yuyuan Market

Grace by a lion statue she named, Simba of course

Feeding the fish at the Yu Garden

Taking a Stroll through the Yuyuan Market

Having some tea!

Watching the Jasmine Tea flower unfold  - very cool!
Yu Garden collage!


  1. I love it all!!! So excited for tomorrow!

  2. Wow,that video is amazing. What a gift to you now and for him later. And he looks like such a smart and well-adjusted kid! I'm so glad he's been well prepared for this transition.

  3. These pics are breathtaking! And of course Anthony is smiling in yet another picture! I am so happy you had some time to explore and enjoy the city. Although I am sure its hard to focus with Anthony so closeeeee!

  4. Come on already! It's already Monday in China and you likely already have your boy! Post! Post! Post!




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