Monday, December 10, 2012

Waiting while visions of gingerbread houses dance in our heads . . .

"Waiting with hope is very difficult, 
but true patience is expressed 
when we must even wait for hope. 
I will have reached the point of greatest strength 
once I have learned to wait for hope." George Matheson

We are all waiting for something, aren't we? Waiting for a school to end, to find spouse, for a child, for a new job, for a vision or life calling . . .  As I look back at every stage of my life, I realize that many times I live my life waiting for some distant future event or moment that I think is going to occur rather than being satisfied with the place God has placed me at that moment. Instead of thinking, how can I service God right here right now, I am obsessed with something I think will be amazing rather than looking at the amazing right in front of  me. After stressing over how to prepare things for the impending arrival of Anthony, God showed me that I was being anxious over things He has already planned and taken care of. He gently said, "Suzanne, why don't you stop thinking about January and your trip and take a moment to cherish time with your daughter, Grace. As soon as Anthony is with you, new memories will be made, but for now, don't miss out on this Christmas season with Grace. And STOP worrying about getting everything planned and accomplished for the trip today. TRUST and HOPE in me, take it one day at a time and I will give you the strength to complete every needed task in MY Time, not yours!" Oh, how quickly, we let ourselves spiral down that hectic road of waiting for something to occur and doing all you can to help it along rather than letting God be God! :)

So this weekend, instead of stressing about the laundry (which did get done by the way), I focused on spending time with my precious Grace, knowing that even though there is sadness in my heart over not having Anthony with us to make these memories, God has a plan even in this and that we have many new memories coming our way very soon! 

A little fun at Bass Pro sans Santa Claus (who was on break).

And now I present to you the evolution of the first annual Meledeo Gingerbread house!

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