Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Update on You You!!

Precious boy, we are coming!!!

I was so excited to discover today in my email inbox an update from our lovely caseworker, April, on You You!! As you can imagine, getting new information is akin to getting present on a day other than your birthday! :) We sent answers to the questions he had asked as well as some new questions for him!

Let's use a color code below to make things nice and easy to follow! LOL

Black Bold - the questions we asked him

Burgandy (for Texas A&M of course - WHOOP!) - his answers

Navy - My commentary :)

What are his measurements/sizes (shirt, pants and shoe size)?

We guess that the sizes are different between China and US. Here are his measurements:
Height: 132cm (52 inches)  Weight: 24kg (53 pounds)   Foot length: 20.5cm (8 inches)

U.S sizes – size 8 in pants with adjustable waist; medium in shirts; shoes

What is his current state of health?  Does he have any allergies?
      He is well and healthy. They haven’t found any allergies.
       Praise God!!

What is his current daily schedule?
He gets up at 6am. And he goes to school at 7am. He has lunch at school. And he goes home at 4pm. He has dinner at 5:30pm and goes to bed at 9pm.

Can’t wait to start our own school schedule! I love schedules!

 What subjects is he currently studying at school?
Major subjects are Math, Chinese and English. He also has sports, music, arts classes and so on.

I am working on getting his homeschool stuff together! He will also be in soccer, art and Chinese Language school at UTSA!

What are his favorite foods?
He likes to eat egg and chicken. He doesn’t like pork, vegetables or radish.

Sounds like a typical kid. I love that radish is on its own. LOL, got it, no radishes for his first meal at home!

Does he have a favorite television show or movie?
He likes to watch the cartoon like “Big Wolf and Happy Goat” and Ultraman.

Ok, so I’m sure you are all scratching your head just like me. Big Wolf and Happy Goat? Are they friends or enemies? Let’s find out! Google here I come!

Check out Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf which is how it is listed on You Tube.
I guess this is what he means by Ultraman

Does he play other sports besides football?
No more sports besides football.

Football meaning soccer – I can’t wait to get into a league over here in the spring!

He was happy to get all the answers about his new parents.

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