Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Graceisms . . .

Yes, I am going there . . . cliche time! I can't believe how fast Grace is growing up!!!! :) As she grows, not only is her hair getting longer (LOVE IT), her language acquisition is increasing at an amazing rate. Even more than the cute observations and statements she makes, is her precious view of and faith in God. She blesses me daily and I cannot imagine life without her. She sees God's hands everywhere and it is such a wonderful reminder for me! Thank you, heavenly Father, for bestowing this most valuable gift upon us. We are ever grateful and ask for your wisdom and guidance as we teach her about You!

September 2012
January 2012

See what I mean?!!!  

Ok, so I know you are waiting with bated breath for the Graceisms so here we go!

While Grace and I were drawing pictures of our family, she ran over to the picture of my mom and dad and asked me to draw a picture of Papa Spencer (my wonderful father who passed away November 1, 1995). She said the following: "Draw him with happy eyes; he has happy eyes". You have no idea how precious that is to me.

Grace: “We going to get You You soon?”
Me: “We hope so!”
Grace: “He is going to live at my house? You going to make a room for him?”
Me: “Yes, we need to start to getting his room ready.”
Grace: “God will help you!”

Fashion advice from Grace!
Grace: “I want to wear my purple shoes!”
Me: “Well, they don't really match your outfit.”
Grace: “They match my Na Na (sippy cup)!”
Me: “Oh of course! We must match our sippy cup!”

Grace: “What is the name of that orange restaurant?”
Me: “Whataburger. Can you say that?”
Grace: “Whataburger, Lululemon, Whatburger, Lululemon . . .” 
(I’m sure Lululemon would love being put in same sentence as Whataburger! J )

And now for some cuteness picture style!

Belly Laugh


Yogurt Face!

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