Sunday, October 7, 2012

Evolution of a Painting

So I took my first foray into the world of painting tonight. I have thought about doing it many times but have never actually followed through with thought. My amazing father was an artist, but this is not something I inherited from him, however, it doesn't mean that I can't learn a few things about it and about myself. Additionally, You You likes to paint and draw, and I look forward to having a connection with him through art.

The journey begin on the first, actually cool, evening San Antonio has seen this fall. Deborah, Mendi and I settled in to begin our painting adventure at Vino van Gogh and with excitement, we sat down at our easels to paint until we looked at the paintings on the walls around us and thought, oh boy, here goes nothing. With great trepidation, we meticulously followed the teacher's instructions.

Oh, and get this, I got a living social coupon for it that I actually used! Anyway, it was a fun experience that took way longer than any of us were anticipating, almost three and half hours! What was really great about painting van Gogh was that there was a certain air of freedom about the whole affair which was liberating for me, a perfectionist at heart. Of course, by the end, perfectionism reared it's ugly head and I kept trying to perfect my painting.

I look forward to doing it again, especially with You You!!

Thus, without further ado, I  present to you, the evolution of my painting. :)

van Gogh's Painting

Finished Painting!

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