Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Care Package Headed to China!

Well, I finally made my way to mail box store with Anthony's care package! I can't remember the last time I mailed something overseas, so let's just say, "WOW"! Pretty Pricey, but we feel there is no price too big to pay for making a connection with our boy! Putting the package together was fun, but the act of actually mailing it makes all this seem so much more real! Oh, how my hearts aches for him, to meet him, hold him, learn about his likes and dislikes, and his personality. We are praying for you, sweet boy, and counting down the days, minutes, and seconds until we are together. We love you, Anthony Jianyou Meledeo!

We sent the package via DHL, so we can actually track its progress and we will receive notification when it is delivered to the Shanghai Children's Home!

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