Monday, September 10, 2012

"In Process"

Just to keep you all up to date with our progress, we got an email Friday from our wonderful caseworker, April, that our case has moved from "to be process" (this is a direct quote from the CCCWA database, lol) to "in process". Most people refer to this as being out of translation. Basically, it is a great sign that our case is moving along at a good pace. :) 

We are still at least 4-6 weeks away from seeing our Letter Seeking Confirmation (LSC), but that is just an estimate; it could be longer.  I am getting prepared right now for the next step once the LSC arrives, which will be to submit our I-800 paperwork to USCIS.

We appreciate your continued prayers and support. 

A fun side note, we have connected with the family who is adopting You You's friend pictured below!  His name is Henry!

Additionally, for those walking the journey with us, here is the blog of a family who is in China right now picking up their child.

We have a busy fall ahead of us with lots of fun things planned as well as preparation for You You's homecoming!  I am planning on cleaning out and organizing the house and I am preparing for homeschooling as well.   Here are a few pictures to lift your spirits. :)

Grocery Shopping at home!

Fun at the park!

Rediscovering a "lost" flute!

Have a blessed day and week!

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