Friday, August 3, 2012

Adoption Update

Happy Friday, dear friends and family!  We are so appreciative and thankful for your overwhelming support of our adoption of You You!  It means so much to us and we can't wait to meet him and for you all to get to know him!  We are so grateful for your support through prayer and are pleased to share that God is providing the finances needed for this adoption!  Praise God for His amazing provision and guidance!

I have all our documents together now for our dossier and they are in the hands of the Currier service we are  using so they can be processed and authenticated by the Chinese Consulate in Houston.  They will be ready this coming week and then we will send them off to China for translation and our log in date with the China Center of Adoption Affairs which I will refer to as CCAA from this point forward. :)

What's that you say? You want to know more the dossier process? Oh, I would be happy to detail the documents we had procure and the many levels authentication they have to go through before being submitted to China. :)  It doesn't get better than this on a Friday night!

First, the list of documents needed to completed a Dossier for a China Adoption:

1. Letter of Intent to Adopt (this is simply a letter stating that we want to adopt and are willing to care for a child)
2. Home Study Report (essentially states that we are not crazy :) )
3. Certified birth certificates
4. Certified marriage license
5. General Physical Exam forms
6. Financial Statement
7. Employment Letters
8. Certificates of Good Conduct (this is a document we had the privilege of getting from the Sheriff's office that states we have no outstanding warrants for our arrest)
9. Immigration Approval (we submitted the I-800A form which once approved gives us the right to bring an adopted child into the country)

So what do we have to do with all these documents?  ALOT!!!  Anything that isn't already certified by the state government (birth certificates and marriage license) has to be notarized.  Praise God for free notary service for AAA members and for a good friend who is a notary and graciously went to the doctor's office with us to notarize the medical forms!  Once everything has been notarized in some fashion, we next have to get all the documents certified by the Secretary of the corresponding state.  Of course for us that meant three different states, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas (Adam was born in Kansas). Once we have the documents authenticated by the Secretaries of State, then they all have to go to the Chinese Consulate.  All of our documents, except for the one from Kansas which had to go to Chicago, are headed to Houston for this piece of the puzzle, and then finally, they can be submitted to China!! Yay!

We covet your continued prayers and look forward to sharing more updates with you!

On a little bit different note, I have felt God's calling for a while to begin a ministry for infertility and adoption and God has given me the opportunity to take over an existing ministry called SHADE - Share, Help, Advocate, Defend and Embrace Orphans! Our goal is to promote awareness of adoption and to provide information, encouragement and support to those interested in or pursuing adoptions and those dealing  infertility which I dealt with myself for five years.  Please check out our facebook page and like it to receive updates and information!

Have a blessed weekend!


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