Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tales of Grace

We have had a quite a fun month thus far, enjoying life and the beautiful Texas weather!  Grace is growing in leaps and bounds and her language is increasing exponentially!  This coming Monday (which also happens to be the Chinese New Year - celebration pics to come) Grace is going to start casting on her foot to help straighten it out.  Please keep us in your prayers for the next four weeks as she will be wearing the cast for a week at a time with one day off over each weekend.  We would ask for prayers that this will be a success and for wisdom for the next step as well which may involve her wearing a brace in the months following.

Fun Story #1
Last Friday about 11:45 am (yes, Friday, January 13), I leisurely walked into the garage to bring in a box to take down the Christmas tree (again, yes, I know it is the middle of January :) ).  I turn around just as Grace is shutting the garage which is not all that uncommon as she loves shutting doors.  Well, this time was a little different.  I'm sure you can already imagine where this story is going.  She managed to lock the dead bolt on the door trapping her inside and me outside.  I drop box to the ground to open the door only to discover that I cannot.  I said to myself, "remain calm, if she could close it surely she can open it."  (Nope)  I tried and tried to get her to understand how to turn the lock to no avail.  Ok, I say still calm, I'll try to get her to open the front door.  So, she meets at the front door, but she cannot open it either and is then distracted by some toys by the front door and will no longer respond to my knocking/banging on the doors of the house.  Now, calm has left me like the gentle breeze whipping around me as I am stuck in the great outdoors outside my house to be replaced by angered panic which may have resulted in my attempt to kick in the door like you see cops do on TV (let me just say . . . doesn't work in real life).  After, panic, anger, laughter and prayer, I realize that Grace is fine, take a moment to pray and breathe, consider my options, and head off to find a neighbor who is home so I can call Adam to come home and unlock the door.  After knocking on several doors, I finally find a lovely woman who offers me her phone.  Needless to say, Adam is on his way home in seconds.  I head back to the house to try and find a way to spy on my daughter.  The only open window was the back door, so I peer into the house with my face plastered against the window.  I watch with a smile as Grace wanders around the house watching Elmo, playing with her kitchen, making fake pizza, etc.  Once Adam arrived home and we were inside, she just smiled at us. :)

Fun Story #2
On Monday morning this week while I was getting ready and Grace was watching Dora, she decided to coat her body, pjs and my new bedspread in an entire bottle of lotion.  It was really humorous but quite the lotiony (new word I made up) mess!

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