Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Unexpected and surprising

Thanks you for all your prayers for Grace during her surgery on Friday, September 2.  The surgery to alter her fingers went very well.  The doctor was pleased with the outcome, although we have yet to actually see the fingers because sweet Grace has a cast starting at her bicep and covering her whole hand.  She did amazingly and exceptionally well, which was unexpected.  The doctors and nurses warned us that they take back our little angel to surgery and take off the halo and wings. :) We were bracing ourselves for next 24 hours to be very difficult as she was recovering from the anesthesia and pain, however, you wouldn't have even known that she had surgery a few hours after.  She is an amazing little girl and blessing from God beyond our wildest dreams!

I was reflecting the other night on how unexpected and surprising life is.  Remember back to when you were in elementary school.  What crazy dreams did you have?  I wanted to be a singer and dancer on Broadway and write historical novels (yes, I really did want to write historical novels.  I even have some sample old west stories I wrote when about the 3rd grade, one of which is comprised of spelling words.)  Then, by the time I had reached high school, I had modified my dreams to make them more realistic (married with kids and an author of historical fiction novels).  As life goes by and those dream are long forgotten, I look back on my life and am amazed at the places God has taken me, physically and spiritually.  It never crossed my mind that I would live in Maryland for 8 years and work for the United States Senate.  What an amazing opportunity, Lord!  God has brought wonderful people into my life who have supported and loved me through every twist and turn of life.  Obviously, dealing with infertility was not something I thought about when thinking about my life, but without the pain of that experience, I would never be able to minister to other women experiencing the same thing, and most importantly, I wouldn't have Grace, a gift most precious.  Thank you, Lord, for the path you have taken me on and I look forward to seeing where we go together in the future.

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