Thursday, July 28, 2011

Grace's Progress

I realized today as I was sitting at the table eating lunch with precious Grace that I need to be recording some of things she is doing since I don't have a baby book.  Where better to record these then the internet?!!  :)

Grace's language acquisition is progressing in leaps and bounds. She can say about 30 words, and just think, she heard English for the first time in her life in May!  She can identify and say all the parts of the body, make animal sounds and say clear enough to ascertain her meaning other words like snack (her favorite), keys, car, dog, bird, turtle, eat, where, go, bunny, cat, more, etc.  She has started to put words together in two sentences.  They are "Where go?", "in car" and "Baba's (Adam) car".  She has an enormous personality and is very sweet, loving, silly, playful and stubborn (the discipline has begun!).  She loves being around other people and kids!

We have follow up doctor appointments in Houston tomorrow and are now waiting to hear back from Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas to have her feet, toes, and hands treated.  She will mostly likely be wearing a cast on her foot to straighten it, and we don't have any idea about treatment of her fingers yet.  Please be praying that we will get in to Scottish Rite soon.

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