Monday, July 18, 2011

God's Amazing Provision

We read a passage at church this past Sunday from Proverbs 30 which really got me thinking about God's wisdom and perfect provision and how it far exceeds anything I could ever dream or imagine!

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined a child such as Grace.  She is a pure joy and blessing.  As I look at her, I am reminded daily of God's provision and His awesome power and wisdom.  

"Second, give me neither poverty nor riches! Give me just enough to satisfy my needs." Prov. 30:8b

As we moved through the adoption process, there were many times I started to freak out over how we would pay for it all and contemplated all kinds of crazy scenarios.  Oh, how my faith was lacking in those moments.  You see, God provided, through generous donations of others, the EXACT amount we needed for the adoption!  Just enough to satisfy our needs!

Thinking about this reminds me of another event God used in my life to convict me of my lack of faith.  

First, picture this scene with me.

Three girls who work for different United States Senators are racing and maneuvering through the streets of Nairobi, Kenya in a cab far different from any they have ever seen.  They are deposited at a nice hotel in an area of the city that is presentable but a vast change from Washington, D.C.  Seated in the safety of the hotel restaurant, all seems relatively normal for the moment, however, the very next morning their world will be changed forever when they arrive in the Kibera slums to meet with people who have contracted TB, a treatable disease, but due to the fact that they are HIV positive and live in Africa, face possible death unless they receive the TB treatment.  The purpose of this trip was to demonstrate to the U.S. Government how just a little additional money could save hundreds lives through the purchase of the TB treatment.

Walking through the slums is something I will never forgot as long as I live.  Trash, dirt, discarded, rotting food and excrement cover the ground.  Everywhere you turn there are shacks (pieces of metal or cardboard stuck together) that people call home.  Men, women and children go about their daily lives around us, never having stepped foot outside these slums.  My heart aches for the children we saw playing in the dirt and sewage.  

We were scheduled to meet with several different HIV positive people who either had TB and were still waiting for treatment or had been treated so we could see the difference in their health.  

We entered one home and were escorted to a dark back room.  As our eyes adjusted to the light, we could see a woman lying on a mat on the floor.  She indicated with her arm for us to take a seat so we sat down on the dirt floor surrounding her.  The first words out of her mouth were, "Praise God for His amazing provision!"  This woman, who was HIV positive thanks to her husband's exploits as well as suffering from TB, continued throughout our entire visit to praise Jesus with every sentence.  She had absolutely nothing in the eyes of the world, and yet she had everything because she had Jesus Christ.  He was all she needed!  We had traveled across the world to ascertain how the U.S. could provide more funds for TB treatment and instead were convicted, encouraged and blessed by this woman of amazing and great faith.  I will never forget her testimony and smile or that conviction regarding my level of discontentment over so many unimportant things.

How often are we dissatisfied with our life, wanting more or something different because we think we know what we need?  How often do we fail to praise God for something He provided because it wasn't the something big we thought we "needed"?  I pray that I will be like the woman I met in Kibera, praising God daily for His every provision as I seek to align my thoughts and desires with His.

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  1. Powerful story Suzanne!! A reminder I need regularly ~ to praise Him for His provisions.

    Love that 1st photo of Grace ~ she's a little doll. If you have time would you email me your address please...and thank you! If you don't have my email, there's a link to it on the sidebar of my blog.




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