Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Doctor's Visit on Friday

This blog message will be pretty short as I am exhausted so I apologize for the lack luster entry.  However, I will provide you with a few cute pictures. :)

Things are going well as we adjust to life here in the U.S. as a family of three.  We are working on discipline and creating a schedule for Grace.  My next project is to get to Grace comfortable in the nursery at church and understand that I will come back to get her.  She has been sleeping pretty well with the exception of walking up in the middle of the night briefly as she is cutting a few more teeth.  We have been keeping busy with family coming visit and meeting new people.

Tomorrow we are going to Houston for her first doctor's visit with the Pediatrician who specializes in International Adoptions.  Our appointment is on Friday morning.  We need to get her in to see an Pediatric Orthopedist as soon as possible to ascertain how to treat her foot that turns in.  Please keep us in your prayers for wisdom as we seek the right doctors and treatment for our darling Grace!

A few Fun Pictures .  .  .

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