Friday, May 13, 2011

Travel to Guangzhou

Just a quick update: we got Grace's passport yesterday from the Fuzhou police department. They had a little ceremony with the 3 families who were adopting, took photos, and gave us a very nice gift including Chinese literature, poetry, and some DVDs with songs and learning to speak Chinese!

We made our way to the airport, said goodbye to our first guide Helen who was very very VERY helpful; she even found a friend at the airport to "take care of" our excess baggage weight limit! This would have cost us almost $400 because of their severe restrictions.

We had to sit at the airport for a few hours, and this made for fun times entertaining Grace. Some girls thought she was so cute they wanted a picture of her. Or maybe they just wanted a picture of the white people with their Chinese baby. :)

We got on the plane and Grace fell asleep just before take off. She didn't wake up until after landing, so I guess we'll count our first plane trip as a success. Our new guide, Jack, picked us up at the Guangzhou airport, took us to our hotel (Garden Hotel Guangzhou), helped us check in, and we went right to bed.

We have to take Grace for her medical checkup this morning. Should be no big deal, but we know it's never fun to go to the doctor so we're taking along some of her favorite custard pie treats for afterward. We haven't seen much of Guangzhou yet, but it appears to be much more international so we should maybe get a little more variety in our diets today finally.

We miss home!

Adam and Suzanne

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  1. Love following your journey!!! So so so so excited for you guys!




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