Saturday, May 21, 2011

Planes, More Planes, and Toddler Jet Lag . . .

 We had quite an interesting journey back to San Antonio.  We got up early Wednesday (5 AM) for the 2 hour van ride to the Hong Kong Airport.  Driving from China to Hong Kong makes for much quicker entry through immigration. Then, we sat at the airport for another couple hours before we boarded the first of three planes for the day, with the first being the longest!  Our flight from Hong Kong to San Francisco was about 11 hours.  Grace had several bouts of crying but for the most part did well considering the length of the flight.  However, I must add that the gluten free plane food on this flight was TERRIBLE!  Anyone for fish on a plane? :)

We landed in San Francisco and had to get through U.S. immigration which was actually extremely easy for us thanks to Gladney and the U.S. Consulate packet.  Upon entry, Grace became a U.S. Citizen!!  We then had to get our bags and recheck them for the duration of our flights.  We had a short 40 minute flight to LA and then a 2 hour flight home to San Antonio!!!  23 hours or so later we arrived home!!  Praise God for his continued protection and provision!!

Now, for the really fun part .  .  .  toddler jet lag!  We are working on getting Grace to adjust to our time zone which is slowly but surely happening.  There is a 13 hour difference so as you can imagine, this has proved to be a difficult task.  Finally, last night went a little better.  We got her to take a short nap in the middle of the afternoon and she went to bed at 10:30 pm and woke up at 1 am only for about an hour and went to back to sleep!  Please continue to pray for all of our jet lag especially considering Adam has to return to work on Monday and get up nice and early!

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  1. We love the posts! Courtney has just started being able to say Adam - she points to the computer and asks for Adam. We're working on Suzanne and Grace. Look forward to seeing you all soon!




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