Sunday, May 15, 2011

Medical Exam Day

Our first full day in Guangzhou started with an early trip to Shamian Island for Grace to get her medical examination, required for immigration to the USA. There were many tears shed during the completely harmless visit, and we got to see a ton of other kids in the process of adoption with their new families. All around our hotel and on Shamian Island particularly, we have seen many many families with newly acquired Chinese children. It's heartwarming for certain.

After the exam, we explored the island a little. It has very interesting architecture and history. We bought Grace some authentic silk dresses to wear in the coming years, along with some other trinkets for her. We got to see some Chinese adults (retirement age) playing "hackysack" with something that looked more like a badminton birdie than the typical leather balls we've seen before. We ate lunch on the island at a place that served American food (we've gotten a little tired of Chinese all the time).

We explored the area around our hotel as well; there is a shopping plaza on the first floor and another across the street that both feature extremely high end shopping: Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Chanel to name a few. We strolled through but did nothing more than window shopping! In the evening we went over to an Irish pub that was recommended by our guide Jack (the Paddy Field) and enjoyed a little Irish charm (served up by Chinese people--we did see the owner/manager who was in fact Irish).

Bath time has gotten much better! She actually enjoys it now, laughing and splashing a little, although she still prefers to stand up. Bed time, on the other hand, has gotten worse. She howls and screams quite a bit when placed in the crib, and basically has to cry herself to sleep. We hope it will be easier when she has her own room and can't yell for us since we are standing right here next to her bed in the hotel.

More updates to come!

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  1. Keep up the good with bed time! It's so hard! Our kids were not good in hotel rooms because they could see us. You will be home in your own rooms soon! She is so cute I can't stand it!!!




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