Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hong Kong!

The first day of our trip is over, but it's our last day without Grace! We didn't sleep well on Friday night, which made for an interesting sightseeing day, but we managed to stay (mostly) awake until bedtime. Hopefully we will be on a proper sleep schedule now!

We were up so early that there was nothing to do when we got out. We had to eat breakfast at a 24 hour McDonalds! We walked over to Mong Kok but there were no shops opening until 11am (except for a lot of hardware/construction supply stores). Very odd for a Saturday. We decided to head to downtown Kowloon and check out some of the sights there. We walked around the harbor area and saw the Walk of Stars (the HK version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame). It is EXTREMELY humid here, although it was not too hot most of the day due to some cloud cover.

We took the ferry across to Hong Kong island, explored a little, had a traditional Chinese lunch (gluten free!), and rode a crazy bus ride up to the top of The Peak as it is called. That's where the first picture was taken, overlooking Hong Kong island and Kowloon across the water. It was quite breathtaking.

After the even crazier bus ride down the mountain, we returned to Kowloon and went back to Mong Kok for some shopping and to check out the Ladies' Street Fair. As we exited the subway, we were met by a throng of people larger than either of us had ever seen in one place. The second picture was taken at the street fair, and it really does not do the crowd justice. There was no personal space for a continuous six city blocks. Finally, we went down to eat at Nomad's (as recommended by Amanda Jordan). We were a little surprised to find out that it was right in the middle of the "Bridal district"... no, there weren't any signs indicating that it was the bridal district, but there were at least ten wedding dress shops and no fewer than four wedding consulting agencies.

We walked several blocks back to the subway and took our ride back to the hotel. Both of us were nodding off at this point, but we got back safely and will have a taxi waiting for us at 6am to head to the airport for the next leg of our journey: Fuzhou! We thank you for your continued prayers as we should be receiving our little Grace tomorrow. Specifically, pray for the bonding process to go as smoothly as possible. Further updates will be coming soon!

P.S. No one ever mentions how bad Hong Kong smells. IT IS BAD.


  1. Glad to see y'all on a great adventure. Good times.

    I mean, good times, except for the rancidity. And the hyperclaustrophobia. And the language barrier, jet lag, and general paucity of Dr. Pepper 10.

    Good times.

    Seriously, very stoked about the exciting next few hours for y'all.

  2. Happy Mother's Day Suzanne!

  3. Hi Suzanne! The pilates "famaily" sends you our love and prayers! San Antonio is also a little hot and muggy though probably, maybe, not "quite" as hot, crowded and muggy as a Hong Kong market on a Saturday. Eagerly awaiting your posts tomorrow and sending you our very best!

  4. Happy Mother's Day Suzanne! I hope your bonding is going well! Happy early Father's Day to Adam too! Sending lots of love your way!

  5. Awesome! Happy Mother's Day, Suzanne! So excited for you!

  6. Happy Mother's Day Suzanne! I hope you, Adam and Grace are having a good day. Sending you much love and support from San Antonio.




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