Monday, May 9, 2011

Grace is Legally Ours (according to the Chinese Government!)

Today was an exciting day for us! We got up, had breakfast, and immediately headed out to the Chinese Civil Affairs Office of Adoption Regarding Foreign Persons where we met with Orphanage workers and Adoption Officials. We signed and put our fingerprint on several documents stating why we wanted to adopt Grace and how we would take care of her and never abandon her. Then from there, we went to Office Notary Office to sign more documents and at that moment she became our child forever according to the Chinese Government!

To celebrate, we took another hair-raising ride to none other than Wal-Mart! Yes, they have Wal-Marts in China, but let me tell you about the driving over here. It is truly the craziest and scariest experience we have ever had in a car. First, I would like to note that there are no car seat laws, or driving laws for the matter. Driving lanes and turn signals? Who needs them? Seriously crazy stuff, cars going every which way and people walking into front of cars without cars even slowing down, crazy bike and scooter riders every where!

After all this, we got to spend the afternoon relaxing, bonding, and resting. Grace took a great nap (Adam, too!) and then we played some more. We would ask that you continue to keep her in your prayers as she is grieving the loss of her foster parents. She does so well most of the time, but has moments where she gets very sad and upset.

Tomorrow we get to relax the whole day! We will do some sight-seeing on Wednesday and Thursday and receiver her Chinese passport on Friday before we head to our next destination.


  1. Congratulations you two! I am so awestruck at her beauty and how perfectly she fits in your arms! We will continue to pray for her and the bonding process. Meg and Kurt

  2. Today's picture of Adam and Grace is great. The look on Adam's face yesterday was something like "this just got real." Perfect snapshot of the first few minutes of fatherhood. Welcome to the club. Also, props to Sam Walton for bringing capitalism to the Middle Kingdom. Bentonville represent.

  3. She is so beautiful!!! Love the pics you are posting! You are true parents now, Walmart with child in tow, one of MANY trips to come! Praying all the time for bonding! So GLAD she took a nap today, those are always good!

  4. She is so beautiful! Your posts are wonderful, thank you for including all of us on this journey. We're praying and can't wait to see you when you get back!

  5. She is amazing, precious, and so beautiful! She's also BIG, I mean, I know you guys said that but now seeing pictures of you holding and snuggling her, I can tell, she's big! What clothes size is she in 2T?

  6. Wahoo! Suzanne, she is gorgeous! I am so happy for you! You will all be in my continued prayers, and I hope the rest of your trip is a wonderful experience!




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