Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Coming home!

Yesterday was our last full day in China. Guangzhou was beautiful; the weather was perfect! Our guide took us  to Liu Hua park and saw a lot of Chinese people doing all sorts of activities,, including Tai Chi, ballroom dancing, fan dancing, sing-a-longs, ping pong, and many other things. Everyone stared at Grace and commented on how beautiful she was (which we agreed with!). Afterwards we went to do a little more shopping, then back to the hotel for some nap time.

We had dinner at a great Chinese place. No one spoke English, but they had full color photo menus which made it a little easier, and Adam managed to use some barely passable Chinese to get the order placed. All in all, it was a great final day of this "vacation".

This morning we got up early and had a 2 hour van ride from Guangzhou to Hong Kong. Very soon we will board the plane and begin our long journey home! Estimated total travel time is 22 hours, so please keep us in your prayers as we are not quite sure how our little rambunctious companion will do without the ability to run free.


  1. You all look so happy! We're praying for safe travels and look forward to seeing you soon. Courtney has been looking at all the pictures along the way and she's excited to meet the "baby."

  2. 22 hours. Wow. Numbers 6:24-26. Also, I recommend benadryl. (Grace too, but check the dose first.) Trust me, I'm a doctor.




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