Friday, May 13, 2011

Another outing in Fuzhou

First of all, we wanted to thank everyone for their great comments. We appreciate all your excitement, encouragement, and prayers, and we are so glad you are all on this journey with us. We cannot see the comments here in China, but they have been passed along to us and bring joy to our hearts!

Today we spent the morning at an ancient Buddhist temple, the only remaining temple in Fuzhou of the original four main temples. It was originally built over 2200 years ago, but it has been renovated several times since then. Many of the people there were fawning over Grace, telling us how beautiful and clever she was, and commenting on how lucky she was to get a chance at a better life through adoption. We certainly hope that is the case, but we as parents are the ones who feel blessed!

It poured down rain while we were there; it reminded us of the rain you always see in the movies that looks ridiculous, but apparently here in China it does exist! We also got the chance to see the exterior of the children's welfare center (the orphanage) where Grace was found and lived for a short time. The building looked nicer than we expected and they are even building a large expansion housing unit that looks very nice.

We had some great Chinese food ordered by our guide from a restaurant nearby and delivered to our hotel room for lunch. Because of the rain (and also Adam has been a little sick the last two days) we decided to stay in for the afternoon and rest. Dinner was at the Japanese restaurant in our hotel, which was also delicious.

Bath time has been getting increasingly better day by day, and although she still doesn't want to sit in the water, she didn't cry and was actually curious about the bath toys and the bubbles. She even laughed some as we poured the water over her head. We think she likes the warm water and the splashing.

Although she didn't cry much, getting to sleep for the night took quite a while, so pray that tomorrow goes well as she may not get her regular nap time. We are checking out of the hotel around 2pm, heading to pick up her Chinese passport, and then off to the airport to fly to Guangzhou. It could be a long day!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting more pictures - I've been anxiously checking your page waiting for more! You look so at ease behind that stroller Suzanne! Good Luck for the rest of your time there and safe travels!




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