Thursday, March 17, 2011

Updated information on Grace!!!!

Today we received updated information on Grace!  We did not receive any pictures yet, but we got lots of good information!  Praise God!  We can't wait to meet  her!

I will now have to exchange some clothes.  :)

Mar 17 2011

Updates of Liu Rong Zhi (GRACE).

Height: 79cm - conversion = 31.1 inches
Weight: 13.5Kg - conversion = 29.7 pounds
Head circumference: 48cm - conversion = 18.9 inches
Chest circumference: 52cm - conversion = 20.5 inches
Foot Length: 13cm - conversion = 5.1 inches

She can wave bye-bye, and say the some words like Baba ( Father) Mama (Mother)
Nainai ( Grandmother ), Ayi ( aunt), etc.

She walks in short distance, because of her club foot, she easily falls down on ground.   

She understands some meaning of words like No, Pick Up etc.

Sometime she wants to feed herself.

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  1. Wonderful!!!!!! Thanks for letting us know. Praying for you all!




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