Saturday, July 17, 2010

Approved by USCIS to Adopt a Child from China!

After a lazy afternoon of sitting on the couch, I decided to go check the mail.  What do you suppose was waiting for me in the mail box only a week after we had our fingerprints taken?  Our approval form to adopt a child from China from the USCIS!  Last week we also received all the documents back from the Chinese Consulate.  Now all that remains is for me to get this USCIS document authenticated.

Additionally, I spoke with Life Song for Orphans and they are processing our application for a loan.  We should hear from them in a couple of weeks!

I know that many have been praying for a quick and smooth process.  Praise God for answered prayer!  It is so exciting to see Him working in this process in His timing!

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  1. So, so happy for you two (three!). This is exciting news. :)




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