Sunday, June 20, 2010

Quick Adoption Update

We received a letter from the US Center for Immigration stating they have received our application and are processing it.  They will be sending us a second letter which will provide the details for our second round of fingerprinting.  Additionally, the Secretary of State of Texas returned our 9 authenticated documents to us which I will be mailing this week to the Chinese Consulate in Houston for yet another round of authentication.  I also received a notice from the post office to pick up an express mail letter which should be our returned Kansas birth certificate for Adam (yep, Adam was born in Garden City, KS) from the Chinese Consulate in Chicago.

I am also putting together documents for three loan and grant applications which I hope to mail in the next couple of weeks.  We are applying for interest free loans with Life Song for Orphans and the ABBA Fund as well as a grant from Show Hope.  Please keep us in your prayers as we seek to raise funds through God's guidance.  There are other ways to raise funds which we are prayerfully considering and would appreciate any ideas people have.

Blessings and Happy Father's Day!  Hopefully, Adam will be celebrating his first Father's Day this time next year!

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