Sunday, April 18, 2010

Social Worker Visit and more paperwork!

The social worker came to visit with us last Monday!  The visit was great and consisted of us chatting for about 4 hours about us, our families, views on parenting, etc, while also covering things we need to be aware of when we bring home our new child after displacing him or her from their environment (plus a 24 hour plane ride).  Now the social worker will put together the home study document which will be included in a dossier (a collection of documents for China).

What is the next step you ask?  PAPERWORK MADNESS!!  :)  We now are going to be gathering together medical and financial documents, employment letters, birth and marriage certificates, and my favorite, the certificate of good citizenship (from the police). All these documents have to go through a stringent and almost unbelievable authentication process.  They have to be notarized, verified by the Secretary of State, and authenticated by the Chinese Consulate. Also, we have to file paperwork with immigration, so we can bring a child into the U.S.

Once our dossier is complete, translated and in China, we will receive a log in date. Then our adoption agency will start looking at children who match our profile!!

Prayer for this week specifically, aside from sanity while I am nativigating the paperwork craziness, is that I can get the medical document sorted out and property notarized by the doctor.

Blessing to all!!

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