Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Join us on our adoption journey!

It's an exciting and bittersweet time for us as we prepare to leave one home in Maryland and head to a new one in San Antonio.  God has blessed us these past seven and half years with wonderful godly friendships and a church that is inspiring and encouraging.  We thank God daily for all He taught us and are so thankful for the life long friendships we have made, who we know will be supporting us in their hearts and prayers throughout this journey.

Now, let me go back a few months and fill everyone in on our adoption journey.  After years of trying to have children, working through infertility and coming to the realization that God has children for us, just not through the regular method, we decided on our nine year wedding anniversary (June 24, 2009) that adoption was our plan A and God's will for our lives.

Of course, the next question, you must ask yourself on this journey is where to adopt from, domestic or international.  Well, after prayer, research and a lengthy discussion, we settled on Asia.  I have always felt that I would adopt from an Asian country and Adam has a great interest in Asian culture so it made sense.  We looked at the waiting lists, the different countries programs and adoption agencies and settled with Taiwan through the Gladney Center for Adoption based in Forth Worth.

How does the program work you ask?

Taiwan's Infant Adoption Program - We are on the waiting list as of August 2009.  They estimate 12 to 18 months for the process (we ask for prayers as we wait!).  Once an infant is available to us (typically at about 2 weeks old), they will send us pictures and medical information for what they call a referral, and we decide whether or not to accept the referral.  Then, the waiting starts again as the court dates are set up over the next six to eight months.  During those months, we will continue to receive pictures, videos and updates from the adoption agency and foster family and we are also allowed to send presents and pictures of us.  Once the court date is set, we will go to Taiwan to get our baby!

So what is the next step right now?  Lots and lots of paperwork once we get moved to San Antonio and the purchase of a home.

I will update throughout the process on this blog at least once every couple weeks (don't hold me to that) with where we are in the process.


  1. Thank you for sharing this journey with us! I have been thinking of you both and praying often since you told me you were going to adopt. I will keep praying hard that this all goes smoothly -- and soon! Let me know if there is ever anything else we can do for you!
    Janet B.

  2. Friends who have adopted or are adopted have such a deeper grasp of the reality of our adoption into God's family. I love how He has been preparing both of you for this. Thanks for sharing your heart and your journey with us.

  3. What a great idea it is to share your journey...I am so happy to pray for you both and the baby who is coming into your lives. Adoption is so wonderful...I decided many years ago that Morgan was my "child by heart". It's amazing how when you meet that special child, you just know deep in your heart that you are meant to be together, just like when you hold your baby for the first time after you've given birth. I agree with Mimi when she compares the adoption of a child to our adoption into God's family. Best of luck to you both!

  4. I'm excited to be a part of this journey with you guys. So thrilled for you both with all this next season of life has to offer. xoxo

  5. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that you are coming back to Texas. We miss you!! I am also excited to witness your adoption process--how special! Are you hoping for a girl or a boy? I'll be calling soon!

  6. This is such a great idea! I am so happy to follow along and cannot wait to see what great adventures are ahead! I love you both and feel we are so lucky to get the chance to be closer and active participants in each others lives!

  7. Congrats, Adam & Suzanne! How exciting to begin this new phase of your life back in TX! We will pray for you during this long journey. We know how much of a blessing you will be to this child. Looking forward to following your blog :) Love, Aaron & MC

  8. We are so excited for both of you! Some friends here in Celina just adopted a little girl from Somalia and she is precious!
    Good luck and we can't wait to meet your new little one!




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